Thursday, October 1, 2009

Life Goal: Be a MILF

So seriously kids. We all know all I want in life is to be a legit MILF. And believe you me, I'm working on it! Here is my most recent update on how i'm doing:

Reasons why I'm on my way to MILF status:
- bleach blonde short hair
- I bake. A lot. For whomever walks in the door.
- I make sure my roommates do thier homework before we watch our shows.
- who doesn't call me Mama Quada?

Things I still need to work on:
- maybe get married. maybe.
- Have my own kids, instead of roommates that I pretend want to be taken care of.
- Have a Range Rover. Or at least a Tahoe Denali.

Latest accomplishment on the road to MILF-dom:
- Have my own at-home-ish buisness that is some adorable craft!

Ding, Ding, Ding! We have a winner! I make aprons. And Noah's Ark wall hanging. Both of which are so dang adorable! I mean serisously, your mom has GOT to own one of these!

side note: Every mother loves custom made things, and i'm just saying holiday season is coming up and you would totally get mad points for bringing home one of these babies!

So just saying. Go check it out: Mama Quada's aprons and stuff!
Or at least go tell your mom to check it out...