Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wednesday be FOTT'ed

Maybe one of the most important FOTT's to be shared with the world. He is special to us, because he helped create us. He is our friend, our lover, and Chief of the tribe.

Meet: Chief Featherbutt
aka A. Todd aka Cambodian pop star aka Man of my Dreams.

(the handsome devil on the right. not the handsome devil on the left)

Mission: Make Elk and Buffalo's life into a feature length hit film. Or make documentaries on more substantial things. Like Cambodia. And Argentina.

Chief Featherbutt was there when it all began many moons ago, during the spring nights of The Colony. The night included ice cream, laughing, and the creation of a tribe that will survive through the ages.

Welcome to the Soudajo Tribe.

Members: Chief Featherbutt. Momma Elk. Gambling Buffalo. Sour Milk (Parker. yeah. We didn't make that one up. It was a request.)

Aside from being our chief, he has many other great attributes. He is a world traveler and philanthropist. Don't be surprised if you hear him on the Cambodian radiowaves. He is a former ska band member and blows a mean trumpet. And while he enjoys making his movies and playing in his band, he doesn't neglect the ladies. Call for a good time. (We really mean good time).

He also makes really good faces. And his voice will melt your soul.

Please enjoy this video. It shows off his mad skills.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tuesday's with FOTT

Today is a very special FOTT.

Shoot gurrl she be one fine FOTT too.

Her name: JR

Her mission: Spread her ghetto awesomeness

She is one of the founding FOTT's in our lives. Elk and her were lucky enough to work together for quite awhile, and while I, Buffalo, am jealous of their time together, mostly I am grateful because it meant I meet her.


JR brought many good things into our lives. A short list would contain the following: Lorraine, Kiki (her shiny and glorious mode of transportation), craft night, delicious foods, fantastic accents, mutual love for Beyonce, and most importantly, her good looking husband Anferny. (he's really, really good looking) (but look at JR. I mean, really.)

Lucky for us, JR is making her way back into the state for a permanent residence. This means more fiestas, more shopping adventures, and more smiles.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Friend of the Tribe Time!

Yeah I know. We've been lame on expressing our utmost appreciation for our friends via the blog. (Mostly Elk because she keeps on saying she's going to write a post and then she never does so all responsibility falls on my shoulders and its just so much pressure!)

Anyways, we really do love our friends. Like, a lot. The teepee/reservation wouldn't be the same without them. So I hereby declare this the week of the FOTT's. Awesome, right?

We're starting the week out right with Monday's FOTT:

Darren aka Dare-bear

(found on fb. it is the epitome of darren)

This post trails a yesterday full of Darren (approximately 12 hours worth). And the amazing thing is that we never get sick of him!

Our story goes back to the Fall semester of 2007. It was a time of change for everyone, and lucky for us Darren was roommates with mutual friends. Things really picked up the following semester, when he was TA for a class Buffalo was taking. This semester included a beautiful and love filled Valentines Day, road trips, and Liars Dice up the wazoo.


Dare Bear is such an asset to our lives. He provides us with endless sports trivia, he wins at almost every game we play, and he is man enough to handle all of our girl problems. He is pretty

Shot of the Week

I keep on thinking of awesome reoccurring features of the week, but then I never do them. You know, like FOTT (reinstated tonight. promise).

Well I think I am dedicated to this one. It is simple. It is easy.

It is all about us.

You see, Elk and I are really good at taking pictures of ourselves. And when I say really good, I mean amazing. I mean we should be famous for it.

And so it goes, our first Shot of the Week:

Elk and Buffalo at our finest.

(ps we're looking for love)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Scrabble. Still

Sometimes we like to play scrabble.

Most of the time we don't.

(Do you ever remember finishing a real game of Scrabble? It's sooo time consuming.)

Speed Scrabble is wayyy mo' betta (thanks Dan!) and usually holds our attention for an impressive amount of time.

But other times we just do our own thing:

(ghetto inspired Scrabble. aka Scrabbla')

Yeah. We do what we want.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Summer Sundays

Declaration of the Tribe:

It is declared, from this point on and continuing through the summer, that the tribe will celebrate a specific look of choice each Sunday, and will represent themselves the best they know how in accordance with the designated theme.

For it is important for the tribe to be bonded in strength; and this strength is displayed by a unity of appearance.


Momma Elk
Gambling Buffalo
10 May 2009

Since it is so important for us to maintain a certain air about us, we decided to start the summer of Sunday dress-up with a BANG!

Yes. Sunday 10 May 2009 was officially "Seventies Sunday".

We pulled out our best Brady Bunch dresses. We glitterfied and colorfied our makeup. And we looked hot.

It was also a way to celebrate Mothers Day. Because we look like moms.

We thank our Moms for making us awesome.

We thank D.I. for providing the dresses.

Summer Sundays commence.

(I am including this photo only because look at my face. Look at it. It's ridiculous. And I didn't even mean to do this. It just happened. Gah.)


We were a little worried about Sir Brenden the last few days. We didn't know if he had been feeling well because it seemed like our poor little seedlings weren't going to thrive.

Turns out all Sir Brenden needed was a little more sun!

(can you see it? there-on the right!)

We have a sprout! And another one just waiting to burst out. We do not suck! Sir Brenden loves us!

Elk thinks that it was waiting until the real Brenden was back to make its sprouting appearance. I believe her.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Meet Sir Brenden

(he's a little shy)

Momma Elk and I are pretty good house ladies. I would say housewives, but that doesn't work as much. And then I just thought of teepee ladies and I think I like that even better. Let me start over.

Momma Elk and I are excellent teepee ladies. We cook. We clean. We craft. We are pretty domestic. But last week we ventured out into an unknown territory: gardening.

And when I say gardening, I mean we got ourselves a planter for our porch.

It all started when we decided we needed something to distinguish us from the rest of the apartments. We could get a giant gnome. Or flamingos. But those just didn't hit the spot.

Then, it was a moment of glory. We decided to hit up the most classy of places (Kmart) to find some teepee porch chairs and there, in the gardening section, was our swan.

We knew he was ours because of the way he glistened in the light. And the way he just fell right off the shelf and into our arms. This swan planter was ours.

After spending perhaps a ridiculous amount of time trying to find the best seeds to plant in our swan, we took him home. Now, naming a swan isn't as easy as it seems. You want it to represent the swan in the best way possible. The swan is an animal of love. It is full of strength and grace and wisdom.

After deciding on these adjectives, only one name came to mind. It was pure inspiration as Elk's newest coworker, and my (buffalo's) newest love, Brenden, entered our souls. Brenden is like a swan. He is beautiful. He is graceful. He doesn't walk-he glides.

And so it became obvious that there was only one name to name our swan:
Sir Brenden

Sir Brenden has been treating us well so far. He protects our teepee. He gives us company on the porch. He smiles when you're feeling down. He is everything a swan should be.

He also makes the pain less bearable for missing the real Brenden.

I can't wait until the two Brendens finally meet.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Kiss Me Thru the Phone

Being a pretty happenin' tribe is important to us, so this last week we deemed our "Vacay Week".

And by Vacay Week, I also mean Irresponsible Week, Lazy Week, Party Week, and Rap Like No One is Watching Week.

(Also, make a note of this: from now on our apartment, our humble abode, will be henceforth referred to as "The Teepee". Doesn't get much better than that.)

Our FOTT #1, Meagan, was here until Thursday. We were sad that she left but didn't have much time to mourn because so many other FOTT's came later Thursday. And Friday. And Saturday. And Sunday.

Anyways. Vacay Week consisted of the following:

-Scrabble. Of the best and worst kind.

-Arrested Development. Lots and lots of AD. Just how we like it.

-Dos de Mayo Party on Saturday. This was inspired by the Wal-Mart employees who put everything Mexican at the front of the store. We just had to have a fiesta after we saw those avacadoes and taco shells. And for only four hours of planning (including a break to watch the classic film The Holiday) I'd like to think it was pretty successful.

-The game Things. If you haven't played this game, you need to. But probably not with us. We might make you blush. Sorry again guys. I'll be better next time.

-Not looking for jobs or going to work. We were too busy being socialites.

-Tucanos. Zupas. Kneaders. Pita Pit. Smore Pancakes. Guacamole. Tacos.

-Turning our lives into rap music videos. One person would start rapping. Everyone else would follow. If anyone is looking for five white girls who know an impressive amount of words to a variety of rap songs, let me know. We've got it covered. Our signature song is the hit tune by Soulja Boy "Kiss Me Thru the Phone". We rap it. We dance it. We make you want it.

I think that covers most of Vacay Week. I'll probably insert random stories I remember or pictures I took from the week later on. There was just so much awesomeness in one week that its hard to get it all in one post.

Just a statement of fact: Boys do sometimes come over.

Also, if you feel like Vacay Week wasn't complete without you, you're right. Don't worry. There will be plenty more parties for you to attend. Believe you me my Cherokee tribe.

Blogging from the Teepee porch. Gambling Buffalo out.