Thursday, May 7, 2009

Meet Sir Brenden

(he's a little shy)

Momma Elk and I are pretty good house ladies. I would say housewives, but that doesn't work as much. And then I just thought of teepee ladies and I think I like that even better. Let me start over.

Momma Elk and I are excellent teepee ladies. We cook. We clean. We craft. We are pretty domestic. But last week we ventured out into an unknown territory: gardening.

And when I say gardening, I mean we got ourselves a planter for our porch.

It all started when we decided we needed something to distinguish us from the rest of the apartments. We could get a giant gnome. Or flamingos. But those just didn't hit the spot.

Then, it was a moment of glory. We decided to hit up the most classy of places (Kmart) to find some teepee porch chairs and there, in the gardening section, was our swan.

We knew he was ours because of the way he glistened in the light. And the way he just fell right off the shelf and into our arms. This swan planter was ours.

After spending perhaps a ridiculous amount of time trying to find the best seeds to plant in our swan, we took him home. Now, naming a swan isn't as easy as it seems. You want it to represent the swan in the best way possible. The swan is an animal of love. It is full of strength and grace and wisdom.

After deciding on these adjectives, only one name came to mind. It was pure inspiration as Elk's newest coworker, and my (buffalo's) newest love, Brenden, entered our souls. Brenden is like a swan. He is beautiful. He is graceful. He doesn't walk-he glides.

And so it became obvious that there was only one name to name our swan:
Sir Brenden

Sir Brenden has been treating us well so far. He protects our teepee. He gives us company on the porch. He smiles when you're feeling down. He is everything a swan should be.

He also makes the pain less bearable for missing the real Brenden.

I can't wait until the two Brendens finally meet.