Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Kiss Me Thru the Phone

Being a pretty happenin' tribe is important to us, so this last week we deemed our "Vacay Week".

And by Vacay Week, I also mean Irresponsible Week, Lazy Week, Party Week, and Rap Like No One is Watching Week.

(Also, make a note of this: from now on our apartment, our humble abode, will be henceforth referred to as "The Teepee". Doesn't get much better than that.)

Our FOTT #1, Meagan, was here until Thursday. We were sad that she left but didn't have much time to mourn because so many other FOTT's came later Thursday. And Friday. And Saturday. And Sunday.

Anyways. Vacay Week consisted of the following:

-Scrabble. Of the best and worst kind.

-Arrested Development. Lots and lots of AD. Just how we like it.

-Dos de Mayo Party on Saturday. This was inspired by the Wal-Mart employees who put everything Mexican at the front of the store. We just had to have a fiesta after we saw those avacadoes and taco shells. And for only four hours of planning (including a break to watch the classic film The Holiday) I'd like to think it was pretty successful.

-The game Things. If you haven't played this game, you need to. But probably not with us. We might make you blush. Sorry again guys. I'll be better next time.

-Not looking for jobs or going to work. We were too busy being socialites.

-Tucanos. Zupas. Kneaders. Pita Pit. Smore Pancakes. Guacamole. Tacos.

-Turning our lives into rap music videos. One person would start rapping. Everyone else would follow. If anyone is looking for five white girls who know an impressive amount of words to a variety of rap songs, let me know. We've got it covered. Our signature song is the hit tune by Soulja Boy "Kiss Me Thru the Phone". We rap it. We dance it. We make you want it.

I think that covers most of Vacay Week. I'll probably insert random stories I remember or pictures I took from the week later on. There was just so much awesomeness in one week that its hard to get it all in one post.

Just a statement of fact: Boys do sometimes come over.

Also, if you feel like Vacay Week wasn't complete without you, you're right. Don't worry. There will be plenty more parties for you to attend. Believe you me my Cherokee tribe.

Blogging from the Teepee porch. Gambling Buffalo out.


DeeAura said...

*laughing tears right now* Uhm...I MAY need to see "Kiss me thru the phone." It's just something I'm going to need to see in person. 'M just sayin'.

D said...

Very disappointed that I didn't make the blog. Not even in any of the pictures. This really is a slap in the face. I expected more.

Momma Elk said...

Dare Bear. You know you are a fave. You will soon be an FOTT. Don't you fret one tiny bit.