Monday, July 27, 2009

Sir Brenden

Sir Brenden BEFORE:

And Sir Brenden TODAY:

Blossoming love.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Just like Flo' Rida

We have a lot in common with hit-maker Flo Rida.

Like our love for sugar.

(PS Flo Rida why haven't you ever called/texted back?! I'll never give up on you)

Elk and I have been on a sugar kick lately. We are lovers of all types of sugar, as long as its sugary.

Like sugar in the form of Tear Jerkers sour cotton candy (don't inhale!). OH SOOO GOOD.

Seriously Jill. Changed my life. For the better.

Elk has a hard time eating cotton candy like a normal human being. (ok ok so maybe I bought a bag of delicious cotton candy and it was super full of air and I couldn't get it open so I resulted to trying to pop it open. Needless to say it popped right open...and all over the Elk/the kitchen...I do what I want!)

We also enjoyed our first snow cone of the season. THEY ARE GINORMOUS! And oh so sugary and oh so good. Everyone needs to go to this place. And enjoy life.

Last but not least, our favorite kind of sugar:


Monday, July 13, 2009


Washington Crossing the Delaware!!!

It's so uncanny its scary.

Bear Lake Love

First off:

Secondly, a tour of our weekend through pictures:

An out of the way experience to McDonalds was a necessary breakfast stop.

The LAKE! I couldn't wait to jump in. I just loved it. So much. (I'm also super excited to be wearing my bandana again.)

Elk was more sassy about the lake. But she was a semi-good sport...

There will be a quiz later as to what famous scene we're recreating in this shot.

A mandatory HSM jumping pose. The boys loved this photo shoot. And the mosquitoes. Mostly Darren.

Red lipstick is mandatory for a fully celebrated 4th.

WE LOVE TEAR JERKER COTTON CANDY. Jill I owe you my life for introducing us.The whole gang. And might I add, we look good.

Thanks to Janna's parents for making this happen. And for that colored popcorn. It was so good. I think.

The Best Moment of Elk's Life Thus Far


Oh. What. You don't get it?

12:34:56 pm 7/8/9

Preparing for the exact second of joy:

And utter happiness. Yes folks, this is what makes Elk the happiest:

Those poor unsuspecting kids in the background don't even know what hit 'em.

Also, this moment resulted in a marriage proposal for Elk. Wedding details to come.