Monday, September 21, 2009

RIP: The Lemonade Stand

So we all know I don't have a job and I sit around all day doing playing mom pretending my roommates are my kids. (Don't worry, so far they haven't gotten annoyed with me.)

Anyway, a few weeks ago I decided I should probably monopolize living on the corner and work it...with a lemonade stand. The first day I made pretty solid money, the second day I was too busy talking to pay attention, and this last time some snotty little 6 year olds had a stand a couple blocks away. Plus today is officially the first day of fall and I feel wierd about having a lemonade stand in the fall.

So I have decided to end the life of the lemonade stand. It was good while it lasted. He brought me a solid 12.25 during its lifetime. It brought joy to many a person, a nice cold drink on the long walk home. Farewell to you good friend, until we meet again...

Friday, September 11, 2009

Elk's first blog. Ever. Seriously though folks...

So listen. Obviously I have big love for this blog, I mean it was created to detail Buffalo and I's summer of dreams. Contrary to popular belief we had never lived togther before despite us being seriously legit BFF's.

Disclaimer: Sorry my post is nothing compared to the masterpiece's by Buffalo, cut an elk some slack, this is the first one!

Anyway, one day towards the end of the summer Buffalo gave me a charge: She told me I must keep up the blog. Now, let me say we haven't exactly posted in awhile but that's probably because we were too busy having the time of our life (yes I just referred to it as "our life" but that's just because we were one at the end of the summer. naturally.) So anyway, I woke up this morning to come babysit, after 3 text messages and 2 phone calls...oops... and it came to me.

Just to prove to all of our adoring fans that Elk and Buffalo are still BFF's and that Julia and Korea have nothing on us I submit to you the first of many video message I sent dear Buffalo yesterday. I also recognize how embarrassing this most likely is, I hope you will see that embarrasment as my dedication to keeping up the blog. Here goes nothing...