Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Just like Flo' Rida

We have a lot in common with hit-maker Flo Rida.

Like our love for sugar.

(PS Flo Rida why haven't you ever called/texted back?! I'll never give up on you)

Elk and I have been on a sugar kick lately. We are lovers of all types of sugar, as long as its sugary.

Like sugar in the form of Tear Jerkers sour cotton candy (don't inhale!). OH SOOO GOOD.

Seriously Jill. Changed my life. For the better.

Elk has a hard time eating cotton candy like a normal human being. (ok ok so maybe I bought a bag of delicious cotton candy and it was super full of air and I couldn't get it open so I resulted to trying to pop it open. Needless to say it popped right open...and all over the Elk/the kitchen...I do what I want!)

We also enjoyed our first snow cone of the season. THEY ARE GINORMOUS! And oh so sugary and oh so good. Everyone needs to go to this place. And enjoy life.

Last but not least, our favorite kind of sugar:



Chelsea said...

Woah, where did you wrangle up those snow cones? I've never seen them quite like that before! PS - Rach, we should get together when your auntie and cuz come out, it'd be like a mini family reunion...except I'm not your family!

Jill said...

I've been trying really hard not laugh out loud here at work (why? I'm not sure. No one would care.), but that last example of sugar finally got a snort out of me. Good work. And you're welcome (for the intro to TJ cotton candy).

Carol Ann Litster said...

I want a snow cone like that! And don't EVER give up on Flo Rida. He will respond.