Monday, May 18, 2009

Friend of the Tribe Time!

Yeah I know. We've been lame on expressing our utmost appreciation for our friends via the blog. (Mostly Elk because she keeps on saying she's going to write a post and then she never does so all responsibility falls on my shoulders and its just so much pressure!)

Anyways, we really do love our friends. Like, a lot. The teepee/reservation wouldn't be the same without them. So I hereby declare this the week of the FOTT's. Awesome, right?

We're starting the week out right with Monday's FOTT:

Darren aka Dare-bear

(found on fb. it is the epitome of darren)

This post trails a yesterday full of Darren (approximately 12 hours worth). And the amazing thing is that we never get sick of him!

Our story goes back to the Fall semester of 2007. It was a time of change for everyone, and lucky for us Darren was roommates with mutual friends. Things really picked up the following semester, when he was TA for a class Buffalo was taking. This semester included a beautiful and love filled Valentines Day, road trips, and Liars Dice up the wazoo.


Dare Bear is such an asset to our lives. He provides us with endless sports trivia, he wins at almost every game we play, and he is man enough to handle all of our girl problems. He is pretty


D said...

So sweet. Thanks for the shoutout. I will always wear my FOTT status with the utmost pride.

Anna said...

Wow Rachel, you make me laugh. Glad to see you're still your fun old self. Fun to see some pictures of you!!! Love ya!

P.S. I am in a contest that ends tomorrow and am super close to a prize...everyone go vote!
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