Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wednesday be FOTT'ed

Maybe one of the most important FOTT's to be shared with the world. He is special to us, because he helped create us. He is our friend, our lover, and Chief of the tribe.

Meet: Chief Featherbutt
aka A. Todd aka Cambodian pop star aka Man of my Dreams.

(the handsome devil on the right. not the handsome devil on the left)

Mission: Make Elk and Buffalo's life into a feature length hit film. Or make documentaries on more substantial things. Like Cambodia. And Argentina.

Chief Featherbutt was there when it all began many moons ago, during the spring nights of The Colony. The night included ice cream, laughing, and the creation of a tribe that will survive through the ages.

Welcome to the Soudajo Tribe.

Members: Chief Featherbutt. Momma Elk. Gambling Buffalo. Sour Milk (Parker. yeah. We didn't make that one up. It was a request.)

Aside from being our chief, he has many other great attributes. He is a world traveler and philanthropist. Don't be surprised if you hear him on the Cambodian radiowaves. He is a former ska band member and blows a mean trumpet. And while he enjoys making his movies and playing in his band, he doesn't neglect the ladies. Call for a good time. (We really mean good time).

He also makes really good faces. And his voice will melt your soul.

Please enjoy this video. It shows off his mad skills.