Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Meet the Cast

I know that there are many out there that know only one of us members of ElkandBuffalo. It is a sort of tragedy, especially if the one you know is Elk (aka Rachel). JK JK. I'm sure if you know one of us, you'll eventually know both of us, so a little introduction is in order.

As previously mentioned, the duo became a duo in Winter semester '07 in the heart of Provo, UT: the Colony.

But before that life changing event, we both had lives and we both had stories.

These are those stories.

Momma Elk:
Momma Elk (aka Rachel) is known for her craftiness, her cooking, and her ability to create drama in a matter of seconds. Hailing from High Point, North Carolina (which, did you know, is the furniture capital of the world?), Elk is often found around the office watering hole sharing details about her life, providing a sort of real-life soap opera for her coworkers. And believe you me, this is a soap opera everyone should be watching. She is the eldest of three children, and while her siblings Michael and Kirby seem cool, Elk wins for favorite child (said Mama and the Chemist). Elk has class, she has style, and she has the ability to get what she wants. Her favorite hobbies include watching Law and Order, sewing, eating, playing dress up, throwing sweet dance parties, and Facebooking. She also does a mean Bon Qui Qui impression that will inspire you to be a better person. Believe it.

Gambling Buffalo:
Gambling Buffalo (aka Cindy) found her way back to Provo for the summer after working for the government in Denver, CO (her hometown). The only girl surrounded by six brothers, Buffalo learned early on how to make it in a man's world. While she isn't as successful as Elk in the drama department, she holds her own; especially when it comes to people telling her personal secrets that she has no right to know. These secrets will one day hopefully be published in a tell-all book by Buffalo. Until then, she fills her time with many of the same hobbies as Elk: Law and Order, eating, playing dress up (only this seems to be a daily routine), blogging, bargain shopping, and talking to strangers. One fun fact about her: she sings Cher songs for money. Or for free. Buffalo also enjoys crossing goals off her Life Goal list-recently this meant getting a mullet. Believe it.

So there you have it. Now you know us a little bit better. Feel free to share favorite stories, memories, or jokes about the both of us and they may be published on our blog!

Also, as you can tell we have no qualms about taking unflattering pictures of us and putting them on the internet. However, do not forget that we are, in actuality, hot girls.


Jenna said...

love it!! I can't wait for Elk and Buffalo to be together again. I have you on my blog so I can track every adventure.

Drew said...

Holla in the back! Keep it coming, this is getting juicy...